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Employee Assistance Program’s are a key, but often overlooked, element to any Employee Benefits Program

Employers’ are increasingly relied on to promote employees’ healthy and happy lifestyle, and as support to cope with personal and family issues. As we place greater emphasis on diagnosing and resolving non-physical health-related issues, Employee Assistance Program’s (“EAP’s”) have become an important element to any company’s health benefits package.

While health and dental benefits programs are commonplace in ensuring the physical wellbeing of employees’, EAP’s provide great employee benefits to further cover physical and mental wellbeing programs at home and in the office – both for employees’ and their dependents’.

Managers and owners are jointly responsible in ensuring the happiness and wellbeing of employees; however, oftentimes situations arise where professionals are needed beyond the scope of even the best managers. By offering employees and dependents access and coverage to a wealth of wellness experts, companies increased commitment to their employees’ wellness have demonstrated dramatic increases in productivity, reduction of absenteeism, reduced turnover, reduced accidents and stress, and overall improved work performance.

The often-underestimated impact of wellness programs costing approximately $4/ employee / month have made EAP’s a key component of any corporate benefits program. Coverage includes services such as:

  • Counselling;
  • Nutrition and life coaching;
  • Work life and wellness web portal;
  • Self-assessments;
  • Child and elder care referral service;
  • Smoking cessation treatment;
  • Substance abuse; and,
  • Legal and financial consultation.

The program also has services that cater for the employers, executives, and managers including:

  • Manage challenging employer-employee issues;
  • Monitored referral service to help with issues affecting employee performance; and
  • Trauma response service to help respond to a critical incident in the workplace.

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