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Employee Assistance Program’s are a key, but often overlooked, element to any Employee Benefits Program

Employers’ are increasingly relied on to promote employees’ healthy and happy lifestyle, and as support to cope with personal and family issues. As we place greater emphasis on diagnosing and resolving non-physical health-related issues, Employee Assistance Program’s (“EAP’s”) have become an important element to any company’s health benefits package.

While health and dental benefits programs are commonplace in ensuring the physical wellbeing of employees’, EAP’s provide great employee benefits to further cover physical and mental wellbeing programs at home and in the office – both for employees’ and their dependents’.

Managers and owners are jointly responsible in ensuring the happiness and wellbeing of employees; however, oftentimes situations arise where professionals are needed beyond the scope of even the best managers. By offering employees and dependents access and coverage to a wealth of wellness experts, companies increased commitment to their employees’ wellness have demonstrated dramatic increases in productivity, reduction of absenteeism, reduced turnover, reduced accidents and stress, and overall improved work performance.

The often-underestimated impact of wellness programs costing approximately $4/ employee / month have made EAP’s a key component of any corporate benefits program. Coverage includes services such as:

  • Counselling;
  • Nutrition and life coaching;
  • Work life and wellness web portal;
  • Self-assessments;
  • Child and elder care referral service;
  • Smoking cessation treatment;
  • Substance abuse; and,
  • Legal and financial consultation.

The program also has services that cater for the employers, executives, and managers including:

  • Manage challenging employer-employee issues;
  • Monitored referral service to help with issues affecting employee performance; and
  • Trauma response service to help respond to a critical incident in the workplace.

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Contact Sam or Stan to learn more about EAP’s and how this small benefit can add great value to your existing employee benefits package.

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Homework on health benefits coverage for students’ travelling abroad

Proper health insurance is important for all Canadian citizens, but many students’ (and their parents’) forget to get health insurance coverage when they go abroad. For many students’, travelling abroad will be the first time in their life when they are not fully covered by their parent’s or post-secondary education plan. Therefore, it is vital that get their own insurance coverage before stepping off of Canadian soil.

Before setting off on a trip, you should make sure that you are sufficiently covered; in the unfortunate event of critical emergency medical treatment, a lack of coverage may end up resulting in a huge medical bill. Even if you only travel as far as the United States, a small injury can incur tens of thousands of dollars in medical costs. To a lesser extent, a small injury outside of your home province while still in Canada could cost additional dollars and complications. Take the simple step of checking with your health insurance provider now.

Some post-secondary education institutions abroad stipulate that each student takes out coverage from that specific institution; however, this coverage is often expensive. If there is the option to waive this cover and choose your own, it is recommended that you seek alternatives, especially if you can get the coverage directly from a Canadian provider. Choosing this coverage could save you hundreds of dollars per year.

Most students’ will require their own medical insurance as soon as they graduate. Even if their provincial health program (i.e. OHIP) continues to protect them for a short time, the medical care that they receive may be limited and should be supplemented by additional coverage to provide for ongoing care.

Whatever reason you have for leaving Canada while pursuing higher education or shortly after graduation, you should make sure that you take steps to guarantee coverage. Speak to a Client’s Edge representative to find the best coverage for your needs.

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For more information on health benefits coverage and travelling abroad, please feel free to contact Stan or Sam to discuss your current situation and ways to control these costs while maintaining the plan’s value to employees and their families.

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Group Plan Administrator Checklist

The following list represents a reminder of items that could have a potential impact on your group benefits program. The list is broken down into Four Main Areas

  1. Taxation Issues
  2. Liability and HR Issues
  3. Privacy and Confidentiality Issues
  4. Administrative Issues

This list is all encompassing and is not tailored strictly for your Plan. We would be pleased to discuss these with you in further detail as applicable. This checklist is for reference purposes only and is not intended as legal or tax advice.

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May 2014 Newsletter

At Clients’ Edge Employee Benefits we specialize in employee benefits and group retirement solutions. We continue to bring you a high standard of services and broad scope of products to effectively meet your unique needs and objectives.
We will be posting periodically with relevant topics that may be of interest to you in dealing with your staff and the benefits program.

This issue:

  1. Taxable rules on group plans, specifically on pooled benefits
  2. Probationary periods and late applicants
  3. Topical employee handbook information
  4. Mandatory generic drugs
  5. Drug containment strategies – specifically the pooled drug program
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